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Landscaping Materials Ideas

Ed'sLandscaping pavers, pavingstone materials
Ed's Landscaping Paver Pool Deck Project
Ed's Landscaping Pink Pavers
Eds landscaping pavers and garden wall planter
Ed's Landscaping Paver stair walkway
Ed's Landscaping Paver-pavingstone Patio
Ed's Landscaping Cobblestone Paver Driveway
Ed's Landscaping paver patio and decorative wall
Ed's Landscaping Block Wall
Ed's Landscaping Pavingstone Staircase

Interlocking Pavers/Retaining Wall Blocks

Paving stones are a durable landscaping material and come in many shapes, textures, sizes and colors, allowing for very creative designs.  Especially great for patios, stairways, garden walkways, driveways, pool decks, and outdoor living areas.
Masonry and Block Walls strong and durable with a versatile selection of styles, brick, masonry and wall blocks compliment your walkway, garden or patio. Retaining wall systems are good for both retaining walls and freestanding features such as outdoor kitchens.       We work with several paver and wall block vendors, see the links for Belgard  and  Angelus Pavers


Ed's Landscaping natural stone path
Ed's Landscaping Mixed materials Wall cultured stone, block and wood fence
Ed's Landscaping Planting with sod and crushed stone ground cover
Ed's Landscaping Natural River stone larger rocks
Ed's Landscaping Natural Stone Patio
Ed's Landscaping Natural Stone Wall
Ed's Landscaping Natural Stone Walkway

Natural Stone and Gravel

Additionally, many customers like a mix of hardscape textures. Combining natural stone slabs and boulders with other landscaping materials i.e. interlocking pavers, cement, cultured stone veneer and decking creates tasteful and practical touches to your landscaping vision.
For stone selections available we have provided a link to one of our favorite natural stone vendor.

Sunburst Decorative Rock

Ed’s Landscaping has many natural stone slabs and gravel projects examples to share.

Ed's Landscaping-Cement and Brick Driveway Project
Ed's Landscaping Cement Driveway Project Underconstruction
Ed's Landscaping Cement Driveway Project completed
Ed's Landscaping black cement slab project underconstruction
Ed's Landscaping Black Cement Slab project completed
Ed's Landscaping Cement Patio with Brick Trim Project


Concrete is a superb landscaping material for driveways, walkways, waterfalls, ponds and outdoor living areas. It is multipurpose, durable, beautiful in appearance, and low maintenance.

Concrete can add shape, texture and color to a landscape design!

A professionally designed concrete driveway, patio, pool deck or walkway by Ed’s Landscaping not only adds visual beauty, but also adds enduring quality and value to your home. Concrete has been known to last for 30 years and longer without major maintenance.

Ed's Landscaping Fence Horizontal line
Ed's Landscape Fence Panel Project
Ed's Landscaping Horizontal fence wood project
Ed's Landscaping Fence Gate
Ed Landscaping Fence and Bench
Ed's Landscaping Fence and Patio
Ed's Landscaping White Vinyl Fence

Fencing Materials, Fence Panels and Decks

Fence and decking come in a wide variety of materials and styles.  A fence or deck can be a starting canvas for a beautiful landscape design or the main focal point. In addition to wood fence and decking, vinyl fence, decking and accessories are a durable, low maintenance option that comes in many colors and textures, providing flexibilty for your design.  See the link below for examples of fence materials.

Duramax Fence


Ed's Landscaping mulch

Ed's Landscaping Front yard planting completed
Ed's Landscaping Sod with stepping stones
Ed's Landscaping Sod and garden with mulch


Used to enhance the visual appeal, improve water conservation, reduce weed growth and improve soil health mulch is used in many landscape designs.

There are many types of mulch available to complement the landscape design.
(Click on the picture to see larger photos)
Ed's Landscaping Mulch compilation pic


Ed’s Landscaping will work with you to choose the right sod, plants, shrub and trees for your landscaping project. We listen to your ideas and make recommendations based on the space available, your landscape theme, location, sun exposure, soil composition, water needs, and maintenance goals.  Let us help you create the landscape of your dreams!

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